Crescent Cat Rescue



The Residents Association

Some cats are not able to find a new home, maybe because they have health issues or prefer to live outdoors so if possible we keep them here to live as good and long a life as possible.


Your Donations help us to feed and treat these cats where necessary. Over the years there have been lots of them, and we would like to remember them, as they were all special in their own way. Hover your mouse over them to see their names

Pixie came to us at about 7 days old, she had one eye starting to open, and was covered in flies eggs, including in her eye, luckily all the eggs were found, she had very little fur and we never thought it would grow properly and that is where her nickname Bumfluff came from., also  she was found to have a heart murmur, so stayed with us, she is here still actually, and is very happy and gentle.And just look at her beautiful coat now. Ugg had to be included, as anyone who visited was greeted by him, and everybody who knew him asked about him, even after several years, unfortunately we lost him last year, and although I shouldnt say it, he really was my favourite, as he came in a few days old, and was hand reared.
Sadly missed. Pip has passed away now, he was just a few days old when he came, and when he was a few weeks old, he walked on his elbows, but the vet was right when he said it could straighten out by itself, as it did happen, although he had extra toes on his back feet, which was very funny to see. Jerry came in as a very small kitten during the very cold weather, suffering from hypothermia, and he was very friendly, after being in vets and feeling better, he has decided to revert to feral, so he is still here! Danny has passed away now, but he was a very big boy, but a gentle giant, he was popular with all the residents, as well as visitrs lazy cats unfortunately all these cats have passed away during the years, but they all seemed to enjoy their lives here Relaxing in the garden are Jerry and Bumfluff Roger was entrusted to the rescue to spend the rest of his life with us after his owner died. He loved it here and  settled in really well and thoughly enjoyed the titime he spent here and we loved having him but sadly he passed away in the autumn. Roger in kitchen waiting for the next meal to be served and of course he is at the front of the que! Zag Feral jan16 Fergus Munch May Bumfluff May Howard ANNIE Molly in garden DASHER JUNE 2020 TINY JULY 2020