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Below is a selection of our lovely cats and kittens that are all looking for their new homes. We often have others at the rescue of which many have just arrived and are still settling in and being assessed or under treatment if necessary. Sometimes people visit us after seeing a picture on the website that they like the look of but quite often see another cat that is more suitable for their home and lifestyle when they visit us. Viewing is by appointment only - please telephone 01255 861309 (between 10 am-4 pm) to arrange this. Check out our facebook page - click the image

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Hetty End April

Beautiful Tortie Hetty is around 5 years old and has a rather exuberant personality who pretty much likes to do things her own way. She is real 'meeter and greeter' who loves being stroked and can be a little selective of whose  lap she wishes to sit on.  She is a vocal lady who loves a fuss and demands all the  attention and would like to be the only pet in the home.

Tabby1 July Tabby2 july

Bertie as you can see is an extremely handsome chunky boy about 7 years old. He has led an unstable and miserable life of late and is now seeking a loving quiet home so that he can now enjoy life and be a great companion to someone. We think he would like to be the only pet in the home and one without young children.




Gumball Darwin

Darwin and Gumball are two young boys who sadly have not had enough social contact in their early lives. They are two beautiful boys cats that are gaining trust slowly and would require a nice quiet loving home with an understanding of their needs and be allowed to blossom at their own pace without pressure.




LOKI JULY 2020 Ella


A quiet, loving and understanding home is required for this striking boy Loki who is around two years old. He has a lot of love to give but it will be when he is ready and trusts his new family and feels safe with them. Loki sometimes when feeling insecure will brielfy attack ankles if they are too close to him and he feels threatened and uncomfortable.  He has gained confidence in people again since joining us and we feel as time goes on this is a habit that will disappear. Loki needs to be the only pet in the home and without children



Hetty July 2020 Frank

This dear boy is Frank another cat found as an uneutred stray and left to fend for himself. He has now made his very necessary trip to the vets and is getting more sociable by the day.


Another new arrival is Jack who joined us as his family moved home but he couldnt settle there and kept returning to his old home, so sadly his family thought he should have a new life with a new family in a different area and hopefully become settled again. Jack is still getting used to rescue life but we are confident that he will be happy again soon.