Crescent Cat Rescue



Homes for the cats

The units below are where we house our cats and kittens whilst in our care. You will often see them jumping, playing and enjoying each others company. 


Each unit is heated, comfortable and warm, cleaning and feeding is a wonderful time to be around all our vocal cats and kittens.





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VOLUNTEERS are always needed at the rescue to keep our cats clean and tidy - could you help us in the mornings for about 2 hours a day to achieve this. Also socialising and grooming  the cats is essential to keep them happy whilst waiting for their new homes. Some cats come into us scared and unhappy depending on their previous circumstances and need more help to overcome being in rescue. Helping them to overcome their fears can be very rewarding. We have volunteers of all ages and capabilities if you feel that you would like to help the cats and kittens please give Carole a call on 01255 861309 between 10-4pm. We would be most grateful for your help.